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Melissa Pilzner, AIF®

Melissa Pilzner, AIF®

Accredited Investment Fiduciary®, Financial Advisor

Joining Raymond James Financial Services in 2009, shortly after the stock market collapse of 2008, was an eye-opening experience. Stocks had recently plummeted.  Banks and automotive companies were failing.  Investors were fearful of what the future would bring.  As someone new to this financial world, it was a lot to comprehend in a short amount of time… yet, I was ready for the challenge.

I have always enjoyed trying to fit in the missing pieces of the puzzle.  Whenever a challenge is placed before me, I see it as a hurdle, not as a barrier.  This determination is what led me to graduate the University of Michigan at the top of my class in only three years, and it is what drives me to bring the highest quality of investment advice and service to my clients every day.

There are several moments in my life that have shaped me into the person I am today.  One of those moments was when as a child, around the age of 4, I shared with my mother a simple thought. “I want to marry the President.” When asked to explain, I indicated that the reasoning behind it was to live in the White House, because even at a young age, I was aware that a female had never been President before.  My mother’s response would forever change my method of thinking for going forward… “Then why can’t you be the President?”

I strongly believe that a person's mindset is one of the biggest contributors (or detriments) to having a happy and well-aligned lifestyle.  My goal as a Financial Advisor is to help inspire my clients to see the bigger picture, focus on the long-term, set manageable goals that align with their unique dreams for the future, and help them think outside of the box.  I hope to empower each and every one of these individuals to know that with a little determination, persistence, and focus, they can have the retirement they deserve.  They just need to be willing to work for it.

Overall, I appreciate you taking the time to learn about me and our Making Investing Personal team.  If you feel that we would enjoy working together, please reach out, as I'd love to set up an introductory call to learn more about you and your goals for the future.

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