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(734) 632-0900

Ext. 1:  Terence Reed

Ext. 2:  Elizabeth Marshall

Ext. 3:  Melissa Rubingh

Ext. 4:  Ryan Cohen

Terence Reed: [email protected]

Elizabeth Marshall: [email protected]

Melissa Rubingh: [email protected]

Ryan Cohen: [email protected]

Michael Park: [email protected]

Livonia, Michigan Location

Livonia, Michigan Location

Phone Number:  734-632-0900

Fax Number:  734-632-0899

Address:  17310 Farmington Road, Livonia, MI 48152

Directions:  Our office is located at the North East corner of the Farmington Road and Six Mile Road intersection.  The office complex is  between St. Aiden's Church and a bank building, and our specific suite is in the front, right corner.  We suggest you look for the bright green, wrap-around, decal banner on the windows that list our various investment categories.  Also, you may see there are two entry doors to the office – one on the front of the building and one on the side.  You may come in through either door!

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